Plant-based milk and cream 

Most of my recipes uses nut milk or coconut milk.  Feel free to substitute for any another milk in my recipes. The result will probably be similar.  

Also, I often incorporate goat or sheep cheese, but most of the time you can still do it (to "veganize" a recipe)  without and the result will be as good.   

Coconut milk 

I use it a lot in Indian recipes, but also in desserts (whipped), ice creams or smoothies.  

Nut milk 

I make my own though I always keep  1 or 2 packs of commercial almond milk in my pantry (for the rush hours!). My family and I think that homemade nut milks tastes WAY better !  I sometime add sesames seeds or hemp seeds. 

Soy milk 

We used to drink a lot of soy milk before switching to nut milk.  We realized we were feeling better when we drank less soy milk (specially our son who had eczema rashes when he drank too much).  I sometime use it when I need to do a bechamel sauce or if we cannot find nut milk when we are traveling.  

Cashews sour cream 

Even sour cream can be replace in many recipes by a cashew soft cheese.  


Coconut yogurt 

I love coconut yogurt.  I often buy commercial ones, but I do like to make my own to.  It's available in almost every health food stores.  

Nut yogurt 

I often do a simple cashew yogurt (without a yogurt machine!) added with probiotics. 


Goat cheese, sheep cheese or raw cow milk cheese

We don't drink cow milk and don't eat cheese that much.  I'm lactose intolerant (and so is my son!).  We do enjoy a bit of goat/sheep cheese sometimes.  I always make sure it's made from organic milk.  I like to buy artisanal cheese from small producers at the farmer's market.  That way, I can discuss with them and make sure their animals are "happy animals".  I'm not a fan of non-dairy cheese (I think they often taste like plastic!) so if I want to do a recipe that requires cheese, I always go for goat, sheep or raw organic cow milk.  

Nut cheese 

Make your own ! So simple and delicious ! And what about raw/no-bake "no cheese" cakes !  I've been making these for almost 10 years now (since I bought my Vitamix blender actually!).   They are just the best !


We eat eggs.  I make sure they are organic and come from free-range and cage-free farms.  I buy them at the farmer's market, but they are pretty easy to find in supermarkets.